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Last updated on October 15, 2019

Icarus IoT Dev Board (nRF9160)

Icarus IoT Dev Board (nRF910)
Icarus IoT Dev Board (nRF910)

This page is a quick-start guide to get you started on using your new Icarus IoT Dev Board, based on the Nordic nRF9160.

If you think we are missing some information below, please shoot us an email at and we will add it to the guide.

Out of the box

Your board comes pre-programmed with the following:

  1. Modem firmware v1.0.1 from Nordic, or v1.0.0 if you received your board before the release of v1.0.1 (if this is the case please update your modem as described in this guide).
  2. Secure Partition Manager (SPM) with default peripherals plus watchdog unlocked, compiled for the Icarus board (hex available here). In most common applications you can keep using this SPM.
  3. Firmware Application that initializes peripherals and starts an AT Host. This firmware is used during our “test & provisioning” process, but you can use it as well if you would like, via the USB Virtual COM, by means of the terminal software of your choice with baud rate of 115200. The AT Host will redirect all strings sent from/to the modem.
  4. Certificates for making possible to enroll to our online IoT Platform in the future if you wish (beta version is coming very soon). These certificates are provisioned but using them is of course optional. You can safely delete them if you are sure you will never request access to our platform.