Actinius Programmer

Last updated on: March 28, 2022

The getting started guide shows how to install and use all required toolchains to develop for the Icarus. The Actinius Programmer can be installed as a first step. The programmer allows you to upload applications to your board and update the modem firmware. It also provides sample applications to start using your boardstraight away!

Installing the Actinius Programmer

Installation steps

  1. Download and install the latest version of the nRF Connect for Desktop tool
  2. Open the nRF Connect for desktop program.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Under App sources, click on Add source and add the following URL:
  5. Go back to Apps.
  6. Install the Actinius Programmer, which should now be available in the menu.

The Actinius programmer can be used to flash application- and modem firmware onto your board. There are two mechanism which can be used for flashing. More information on this in the section on flashing an application through the Actinius Programmer.

If you are installing the Actinius Programmer on Linux, you must also set the correct udev rules for USB-enabled devices by Actinius. To setup your udev rules, follow the actinius-usb-udev page on GitHub.

Uploading a sample using the Actinius Programmer

The Actinius Programmer provides a set of sample applications that can be flashed to your board through the USB-port (in case of the Icarus IoT board) or through a J-Link programmer. These steps show you how to upload a sample:

Actinius Programmer screenshot
Actinius Programmer screenshot

  1. Open the nRF Connect for Desktop program.
  2. Open the Actinius Programmer.
  3. Select your device from the drop-down menu (top-left). Select the board if flashing through the USB-port. Select the J-Link programmer if flashing through J-Link and SWD.
  4. On the right, a list of sample applications can be seen. Above it you can select your board type.
  5. Select a sample application from the list (check that you have selected the correct image type. Either jlink or mcuboot. The mcuboot images are used to program through the USB-port).
  6. Connect the board to the computer (or to the programmer).
  7. Click the Write button to upload the sample.
  8. If uploading through USB-port (MCUBoot), follow the instructions on the screen to put your board into MCUBoot mode.

The sample application will now be uploaded to your board. You can follow the flashing process through the console on the bottom of the Actinius Programmer.