Asset Tracker (Factory Firmware)

Last updated on: October 04, 2020


The Icarus board comes preloaded with an Asset Tracker firmware connected to the Actinius I/O platform ( An initial device registration step is required before the device starts sending data to the platform. The eSIM does not come pre-activated but it is automatically activated during the registration process.

Device Registration

To proceed with device registration navigate to and create an account. After logging in to the Actinius I/O platform start a new device registration and follow the instructions on the page. You will need to supply the modem IMEI and the eSIM ICCID of your device to proceed with the registration. At the final step you will need to press the button on the device to prove physical access.

The LED on the board will be flashing blue while trying to connect to the network and will be fading purple once the device is waiting for the Actinius I/O registration process to be finalized.

Once all steps are complete, you will see a success message on the platform as well as the device LED turning green.

Data sent to the platform

Once successfully booted up and connected to the Actinius I/O platform, the device will get AGPS information for minimizing GPS fix time and afterwards will start the cycle of getting GPS fixes and transmitting them to Actinius I/O.

The transmitted data includes:

  • Accelerometer data (acceleration on X,Y,Z axes expressed in m/s^2)
  • Battery data (current battery charge, in mV)
  • GPS data (latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, fix epoch)

Both the latest data as well as historic data can be seen online.