Last updated on: February 18, 2021


Follow Nordic’s installation guide to install Zephyr, the nRF Connect SDK and related libraries, as follows:‍

  1. Install or update the nRF Connect for Desktop tool
  2. On the "Add/remove apps" tab, please install the Toolchain Manager app
  3. Launch the Toolchain Manager app and follow the instructions for installing the latest stable version of the nRF Connect SDK. This will install Zephyr RTOS as well as all necessary development tools and Nordic's SDK and libraries.

Icarus on the Zephyr Realtime Operating System (using nRF Connect SDK)

The board definition files and MCUboot support are already merged into the official repositories, so just choose boards/arm/actinius_icarus from your Zephyr folder when setting up your project and start developing!

Importing an nRF Project in SES
Importing an nRF Project in SES