Last updated on: November 26, 2020

Icarus IoT Board (nRF9160)

Icarus IoT Board (nRF9160)
Icarus IoT Board (nRF9160)

The Icarus is a cost-effective board combining the latest cellular IoT technologies in the market. Equipped with the nRF9160 SiP / modem engineered by Nordic Semiconductor, this low power device integrates the use of GPS and Cellular communication (LTE-M / NB-IoT), to get your project online anywhere, anytime. Control, monitor and keep track of any asset, fleet or cargo, the possibilities are endless.

What's in the box

Your board comes pre-programmed with the following:

  1. The latest (at the time of production) modem firmware from Nordic. (if you want to update your modem please check out this guide).

  2. The MCUboot bootloader, so that you have the option to upload firmware by using just the USB and the Actinius Programmer Application.

  3. The Asset Tracker Application Firmware.

  4. Certificates for making it possible to enroll to our online IoT Platform (sign up for our closed beta at

If you erase any of the above, you can revert the MCUboot + SPM + Asset Tracker Application by uploading the Asset Tracker (Factory Firmware Bundle) hex through the Actinius Programmer (a programmer is needed for this operation).

Getting started

  • Register for an account at where you can manage your device and eSIM as well as receive data from our asset tracker sample application.

  • You can use the Actinius Programmer application to upload ready-to-use, pre-built firmware applications and samples, as described in the page Uploading your firmware

  • Follow the installation page for getting the toolchain(s) of your choice installed on your computer

  • Check-out and tweak some code from our samples, such as the GPS Sample