Last updated on: November 27, 2020

Icarus Bee (nRF9160)
Icarus Bee (nRF9160)



The Icarus Bee is a small Bee (xBee) module based on the nRF9160. It includes global LTE-M & NB-IoT connectivity, GPS, Accelerometer, RGB, a Button, an on-board 64Mbit Flash as well as an eSIM for connectivity out of the box, all in just 32.5x28 mm. Replace your legacy LoRa or 2G/3G Bee module with cutting edge Low Power Cellular IoT connectivity, with minimal effort!


  • Processing: ARM® Cortex M33 with 1 MB Flash and 256 kB RAM
  • LTE Cat-M1, LTE CAT-NB1 (NB-IoT) with Global Coverage
  • GPS
  • Low Power 3-axis Accelerometer
  • 64 MBit SPI Flash
  • General Purpose button
  • PSM and eDRX support
  • On-board eSIM & nano SIM
  • ARM® Trustzone®, ARM® Cryptocell 310
  • SSL / TLS & Secure FOTA support
  • I2C / UART / SPI / I2S with EasyDMA
  • up to 13 GPIO
  • up to 6 12-bit, 200ksps ADC with EasyDMA
  • up to 4 PWM Units
  • SWD Access via the pins
  • Powered via a single 3.3V supply pin
  • Compatible with the Bee (xBee) form factor
Operating Temperature-202585°C
Input Voltage3.03.33.6V





External Pins

Icarus Bee Pinout
Icarus Bee Pinout

On-board Peripherals Pins

Icarus Bee On-board Peripheral Pins
Icarus Bee On-board Peripheral Pins



The accelerometer on the board is the ST LIS2DH12 and it is already added in the Device Tree in the board definition files as device lis2dh12-accel@19 with label LIS2DH12-ACCEL.

SPI Flash

A 64Mbit flash is on-board, connected via SPI.


For enabling the GPS, you need to connect an active external GPS antenna, with u.fl connector. The MAGPIO pin needs to be initialized, using the following AT command: AT%XMAGPIO=1,0,0,1,1,1574,1577


A single 3.3v supply is needed, which should be able to supply a peak current of about 400mA.


On the Icarus Bee you can either use the on-board eSIM or your own nano SIM. There is a SIM Select pin to choose between the two. If you set the pin to HIGH or leave it uninitialized, then the on-board eSIM is used by the modem. If you set the pin to LOW then the nano SIM gets activated.

Warning: Only change the SIM Select before enabling the modem (i.e. before CFUN=1)

On-board eSIM

The Icarus Bee comes with an on-board eSIM for LTE-M data connectivity, wherever supported by our Telecom Agreements in EU and US. A trial period of 3 months is offered via our platform Actinius I/O, with 10MB for free. After the end of the trial you can choose to enable a subscription or just use your own nano SIM instead.